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Tires for a Daily Driver Jeep Grand Wagoneer


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Daily Driver Tires for a Jeep Grand Wagoneer… What Would You Buy?

This is the question I asked readers on the IFSJA.org website.

I thought you all may enjoy seeing the results.

I gave readers 4 choices:

  1. Michelin M/S2 (235 75R15) @ $118 each

  2. BF Goodrich A/T 30×9.50 @ $153 each

  3. Hankook Optima 724 Whitewall( 235 75R15) @$76 each

  4. Other (always dangerous to offer this, but I did)

Daily Driver Tires for a Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Daily Driver Tires for a Jeep Grand Wagoneer

So what did everyone decide?

There were a lot of opinions, and a lot depends on how you want to use your Jeep. Is it an off-road monster, a trail rig, or a weekend cruiser around town?

From my perspective, I really struggled. I REALLY like the look of the chunky BFG A/T tires. It really gives it a masculine stance on the road. However, the classic whitewall tires make it look like it did when it rolled off the showroom floor (plus a softer ride). Then there is my all-time favorite and go-to tire, the Michelin M/S2. I have had this on every SUV I have owned (Jeep YJ, Jeep WK, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Sequoia and a Lexus GX 460). It’s simply the perfect all around tire.

So after a few weeks on the message board, I got 34 votes.

Take a look…

Daily Driver Tires for a Jeep Grand Wagoneer


This leads to the next questions, what tire did I actually buy?

Well, I passed on my trusty Michelin, and there were enough “Others” to pass on them. Then it came down to classic whitewalls or the good looking BFGs. When it was all said and done, I went classic whitewalls.

The classic look, the smooth ride and not to mention keeping some cash free for my other upgrades (like new Bilstein shocks — they are amazing!)

Daily Driver Tires for a Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Daily Driver Tires for a Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Daily Driver Tires for a Jeep Grand Wagoneer


Keywords: #Jeep, #Tires, #Wagoneer, All-Terrain, White Wall Tires #Whitewalls

#Wagoneer, #Jeep #JeepLife, #Tires, BFG

Last modified: February 5, 2017

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