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Without ads and affiliate links, this site would simply be a bunch of random photos taken of my Jeep.

The ads and links on this site allow me the ability to provide you with useful information on how to improve, fix and upgrade your Jeep. While, I would like to say these ads produce enough for me to do this site full time, the reality is, I do this as a hobby. The income from these ads helps motivate me to continue to provide helpful information and post new information on the website.

While I do include ads and affiliate link on this blog, I only link to sites where I personally spend my hard earned dollars. I don’t offer links to business that I have not personally used and had a good experience. I have been buying from these companies for years, long before starting this website.

Any other ads you see on the site (typically the visual ads) are all placed automatically by third party ad wholesalers. I cannot vouch for them since I do not get to see or approve the ads before the third party sends them straight to your browser. These same ads often appear on other websites who use the same wholesalers like Google’s AdWords. If a deal on an item is better than everywhere else then it’s likely a scam. If they do not take credit cards, it’s probably a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. I simply rent out the space to advertising wholesalers. As you can imagine, as a solo blogger I don’t have the time to be out selling ads. Since I have no idea what will be displayed I certainly have no fear being honest with my opinions on products, which of course supports the whole concept of this website: no commercial bias — just ideas for enjoying and upgrading your Jeep.


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ads on, #GrandWagoneer, #Wagoneer

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