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Back in the (Jeep) Game!

Glad to say, I am back working on the 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

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I have had three screws that were rusted, stripped and just wouldn’t come out for me. I tried three different techniques and I just couldn’t get them to come out. This caused me to be stuck and I couldn’t make any progress on my project.

As a result, I did nothing. I let the Jeep sit for three to four weeks. I put the battery tender on and spent my time on my other passion, saltwater fishing.

For those that know me, I have to have something to keep my mind active all of the time. I am happy to sit around and relax, but I have to have something for my mind to work through. Because of this, I spent almost every night over the last month making offshore fishing lures.

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Now I have all of the lures I will need for this season.

(These pictures are just the ones I am willing to show. My super secret lures I didn’t share  😆 )


With pretty weather and no family plans, I spent the weekend tackling projects on the Jeep.

As for those PITA screws that wouldn’t come out…

I went to my local shop and asked for help. I had hoped there was an easy fix, but it wasn’t. The combination of PB Blaster and brute force is what finally got them out. It even broke the guys screwdriver!

I happily handed the guy a $20 and said thanks.

Hopefully, I will have some new posts on the blog later this week. I am still motivated to be out in the garage, so I am going to take the time to do the work and write about it later, but hopefully not too much later! Ha


These three photos give you a hint about the projects I am working on for the Jeep.

That’s it for this update, but just letting you know I am “back in the game“.

I’m ready to get my hands dirty and get the Jeep looking it’s best. It already drives amazing.

Until the next post my friends!


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