Amazon Home Services Review

Amazon Home Services Review

Amazon Home Services Review

My personal Amazon Home Services Review. I was not paid by Amazon to provide this review.

Here’s the story…

Since I spend plenty of time on my laptop (a Macbook Pro 13″ Mid-2010 Model I bought used on eBay) I was considering buying a new computer. I use the laptop for doing research, writing and editing this blog and most importantly for editing family photos of my kids (and maybe a few of the Jeep too!).

Unfortunately, the cost of a new Macbook Pro just doesn’t get me excited.

We both know, $2,000 could buy a lot of Jeep parts!

So here is what I did…

Fortunately, Macbooks, while expensive, last a long time. I did a lot of research and realized I could update my computer’s hard drive to a new modern SSD type and it would speed up my machine. A few years ago I upgraded the RAM and that helped some too.

As I was shopping for a new hard drive, I did my research and started shopping. There are lots of good choices, and any solid state drive (SSD) will improve a seven-year-old computer.

For those who are curious, I decided to get a Crucial MX300 1TB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive (SSD).

I shopped online and then called Best Buy to see what their cost would be because I wanted Geek Squad to do the install. Typically I like to do the upgrades myself, but I didn’t want to risk messing up and losing all of my data.

I was considering using Geek squad, but they wanted $100 and when I called they said they would not work on a 2010 Apple Macbook Pro.

Fortunately, as I was doing research on Amazon, I saw this small link on Amazon saying, “Amazon Home Services”. See if they Have What You Need — Go Now!

Because the photo had home cleaning supplies on it, I didn’t realize they offered technology installation services, but they do. The best part was that for the installation and data transfer it was only $75. That’s 25% less than Geek Squad and the technician was going to come to my house. It took him about three hours to do the install and data transfer and then he was gone.

This alone made me happy, BUT… (and it’s a big but), this isn’t the whole story.

You see, while the IT consultant was here, I asked him about working through Amazon Home Services. He said it was going well, but really tough to get approved. Amazon did extensive personal and business background checks before allowing him to provide a service through Amazon. Then, Amazon makes them jump through many hoops to make sure they are legitimate service providers and they are good people too.

To me as a consumer, when I am going to let a stranger into my home I am very pleased to learn that Amazon has a screening process for who gets to provide services through the Amazon Home Services program.

I did not get paid by Amazon to provide this review, but if the other service providers are as good as Caleb, my IT consultant, I will certainly be using their Home Services again in the future.

If you want to see the list of Amazon Home Services for yourself, here’s the link:  Check it Out Now!

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