Replacement LED Bulbs Review Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Review: New LED Dome Lights

Replacement LED Bulbs Review Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Everyone knows new LED dome lights are a much-needed upgrade in many vehicles.

A 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer like mine is no different.

For this review, I ordered a few different LED lights to test out. A few lights I purchased were not that good, and a few were exceptional. Let’s take a look…

Here are the lights I purchased: (All for use in the festoon style)


Here’s the bracket for the rear dome light. It has a similar festoon style connector in the front dome light.



The two flat panel boards with adapters put out a decent amount of light. The issue I had was trying to get the festoon adapter to stay connected. If I could not find a way to get the panel to attach, then it laid on the lens and looked bad.

Take a look…

New-Replacement-LED-Dome-Lights- Review


The simpler festoon LED worked much better. Simply slip it in the connectors and it worked. It did slide around a little, but not too bad.

New-Replacement-LED-Dome-Lights- Review

The problem I had when I first installed this LED was it didn’t seem brilliant. Then later in the day, once it was dark, I felt much better with the light output.

New-Replacement-LED-Dome-Lights- Review

New-Replacement-LED-Dome-Lights- Review

From looking at this picture, you can probably guess what I am going to say next…

That’s right; it is too “blue” or a “cool white” when referring to LED colors. The light in the front is the original light with a standard light bulb. You can see they do not look right together.

As a result,  I went looking for a “natural white” LED light. There is also a “warm white” which would be okay too, but I still wanted a little bit of the modern pure white offered by LEDs.

That’s when I found the following bulb: 6451 LED Bulb – 6 SMD LED Festoon – 42mm – Warm White from Super Bright LEDs. While it was the most expensive of the LEDs, it was the brightest and the one that best fit my needs. This bulb is rated at 85 lumens, which is how you measure the brightness of LEDs. There are similar and brighter bulbs on Amazon. This Warm White LED Festoon Style is rated at 160 lumens so that it may be even brighter, but I didn’t find it until after buying the one listed above. If I find that the current bulb isn’t bright enough, I may give it a try.

Once I installed the 6451 LED Bulb – 6 SMD LED Festoon – 42mm – Warm White I was pleased enough to not feel the need to order any other festoon style bulbs.

Here is what it looked liked:

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Overhead LED Replacement Lights

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Overhead LED Replacement Lights


Now that I had the two dome lights figured out, I turned my attention to the focused map lights in the front dome light. (See blog post on polishing the dome light).

Because of how well the festoon worked, I also ordered two of the recommended bulbs from Super Bright LEDs and they were NOT the correct bulb for the job. They were very expensive at $14.95 each and I will have to return them. The bulb looks very nice because of the focused lens, but it does not work well for the map lights on the Jeep.

Here’s the bulb (remember, don’t use this one) 67 LED Bulb w/ Focusing Lens – 3 High Power LED – BA15S Retrofit – Cool White

The bulb that I liked for the map light was a cooler white than the dome lights (and much cheaper). I think it sets the lights apart and makes the focused map beam look brighter.

Here’s the bulb that I used:
10pcs White 1156 BA15S LED 27 SMD Light Bulbs Tail Backup RV camper 1141 1003 US

Let’s take a look at the outcome…


Jeep Grand Wagoneer Overhead LED Replacement Lights

Recommended LED replacement dome and map lights - New Jeep Dome Light LED Recommendations Map Light Replacement testimonial, #wagoneer, #jeeplife, #jeep



As you can see, adding new LED replacement lights to your Jeep Grand Wagoneer dome light and map lights can make a significant impact on the lighting in your vehicle.

Give it a try!

If you do try installing LEDs in your ride, please send us a photo or comment below with how it turned out. I have a feeling you will really enjoy it.

Replacement LED Bulbs Review Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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